Sunday, 3 May 2015

almost there

not always easy to write up the poems that you have scribbled down. nor edit them [so apologies!] 


Step outside and squint
Sun beams from a clear blue sky
I need it to reach my skin
So pale
Hermit like
Always indoors
Seeing not feeling
The evening comes
I feel the last rays
Ebb and flow
Ebb and flow


I saw your face today
Smiling, chatting away.
I dropped back in time
To days when that face was mine.
I knew every contour
Every wild hair
The twinkle in your eyes
When I was near.

You were the man of my dreams
My soulmate
My friend
My love.
At times we didn’t need to speak
To know we were near was enough

I saw your face today.
Smiling, chatting away
Not knowing I was looking on
My heart didn’t leap
Which felt really strange
It always had, back in the day.

The days of love now long gone
You were just a stranger
Chatting away,
With straggy grey hair.

I relaxed. I didn’t care.


Icing on the cake
Bride and groom already gone off
To their pastures new


I was ready.

A look in the mirror to double check
Check. Check
I grabbed my keys and took a deep breath.
In. Out.

It was now or never.

I pushed through the door
Familiar feelings from long ago.
People busy in their own space
Didn’t see me standing there
Surveying the place.

And so it began.

A gentle walk to warm up,
Then a hill and higher still.
The sweat was trickling down my face,
Sip some water:
It wasn’t a race.

Cross trainer called
It was soon too much.
The knee groaned and the hip yelled STOP!
I eased off and went to the weights,
Pushing knobs in
Pulling knobs out.

Breathing out.
Breathing in.
Crunches ended my new sin.

After a two year break,
I was back in the gym.


Roll up, roll up for it’s soon May day,
a day of fun for families to be one.
Come along to the Village Green,
well, Headless Cross Orchard
to you and me.

Bring your scarecrow in Star Wars dress
and have it judged by the Mayor [or is it Mayoress?]
Come play on the human fruit machine,
all are welcome on the Village Green.

The stomp and pride of heavy horses,
Brass band playing through the orchard.
Eat your fill of soup and bread,
The Jedi’s are concocting a light sabre spread.

Buy some trinkets from the stalls around,
jams and chutneys and garlic pickle abound.
Paintings and home crafted object d’art
Whittling wood and even a tipple from a jar.

As you watch the ribbons weaving
around the Maypole with the sun gleaming.
Roll up, roll up, come and play,
May the fourth be with you for its May Day.


Ribbons dangling free
Awaiting brownies to weave
May day tradition


Feel your arm around me.
Comfort. Warmth.
Allow me safety as I sleep
to feel cherished,
drifting into the deep of sleep.
Protected from the wolf
that snarls at my door.
Protect me from the demon
that comes when I sleep,
that arm around me.
That slayer of the deep
battling my demons
only known when I am asleep.
Brandishing sword and
impenetrable guard.
saviour of my peace.


Earth’s destabilisation brings about destruction
In the most violent and tragic way; earthquake.
Buildings tumble crushing the innocent.
Buried beneath imploded structures.
Many survived, others entombed,
A crypt of holy bricks
Shrouded in dust.


The mountain quivered on the edge
Over laden and burdened with snow and rocks
Dislodging climbers and sherpas alike
To tumble thousands of feet below.
There lies the bodies of the new
Cheek by jowl with the bodies of old.

Entombed in the snow.

We think of them now.

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