Sunday, 17 May 2015

You or me?

A physical attraction, mind over matter.
A look at you from a younger me,
A fusion of what I missed. 
Alien to my life, 
You intrigue, confuse, recoil;
This isn't me.

Sadness of my past
Covering and coping
Smiling and joking 
Playing the role
Fear wouldn't let me change.
Maybe a chrysalis, cocoon
Or moth I fly, 
Personally I don't think a butterfly.

Confused, regretful of life,
Of life I missed
Chances. oh chances, 
Did they exist?
Or was I just trapped by life,
By marriage, my lack of wealth
Into a life of nothingness.
Was it all just a front?

And now?
I shrug, what is now?
A reflection of the past
A reflection of the now,
Or just a fragment,
A small particle of the future.

An atom
An amoeba.
One moment
One cell
Of an unknown future.

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