Sunday, 17 May 2015

And the last. 4 better late than never!


Once upon a time as I opened a book,
Humpty Dumpty was marrying the cook.
All the kings horses and all the kings men,
Were a guard of honour along with three French hens.

Little Miss Muffet had sold on her tuffet, 
Making a few quid on eBay,
And started a small business
Selling her curds and whey.

Old Jack and Jill had a right rough time
After the kids had grown up.
His knock on the head made his memory pants
And Jill threatened to divorce.


What do you think of
When the pages turn in life?
Is that why you left?


Walking down the street
A girl staring at her feet
Her hands pointing forward 
Joined under breast.

She senses rather than sees me
As I walk in her direction
Her hair frames her face and hangs
Hiding her perception,
Disabling sight in any direction,
Other than down.

She fails to notice bluebells 
Swaying in the breeze,
Or the lonely daffodil just by the tree.
Not even the car that stopped
To ask for number thirty three.
She keeps looking down 
Like a forlorn clown.

Her thumbs are working frantic
At the only thing she sees...
Her phone.
Every morning she walks by
School blouse, skirt and tie; texting.

Missing the world race by,
Hunched before her time,
Losing her life: press SEND.


Summers day sweet scent
Sun kissing each cheek gently
Smile on rosy lips.

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