Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Just A Little White Village

Places make an amazing impact to many of us.

Homes Apart

Reams of calico sail, ribbon along the main street,
bougainvillea weaving its way up to the
scented rooftops sending you
 giddy with herby pungency.

Arbours of plumptuous fruit trees,
limes, avocado and oranges,
orbs for Eve to pluck for free,
denying the supermercado of trade.

Cats drinking on edges of water fountains
containing wicker bales soaking
of the basket maker next door,
to make, then barter his craft.

Whitewashed townhouses nuzzling
side by side with hotels, having
lines of chairs outside where
ancianos espaƱoles’ pass the time of day.

Leaning on the wall of Calle San Jose
underneath Catholic effigies,
Garda Civil smoke and chat
in the shade of the calico sails

gazing out to rolling vistas of vines and olives
leading into the ‘pueblos blancos’
of Pampaneira, Capileira, and Bubion.

Relaxation behold.

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