Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Odd Sock

I am currently at the mercy of the odd sock fairy...but it's not a sock that is odd that is my problem; it's a dongle.

I am relatively organised but the pressure of life dictates that I have a tendancy to 'put things there and i'll re organise/file/shred/label them tomorrow'. 

What i am good at though is putting important things in a safe place.

I know this dongle is required to run the program on a machine I have just sold. I know this dongle is therefore important. Hence, I would have put it in a safe place.....a very safe place.

So safe that I can't find it.

All the random safe places have been checked. A spare set of keys, glasses and thread count magnifier have been located but not the dongle. In an attempt to recall where it is that I have put it so safe that I can't find it; I have tried to clear my mind of all other clutter, relax [with a glass of wine] and await the memory's capacity to remember.....3 bottles of Rioja and a nice Pinot Grigio later i am still none the wiser. So today started the serious search; the methodical one. My office is now two bin liners of rubbish lighter and i have discovered my Assessor Training Files but still no dongle.

On to the shop floor next and all the logical dust traps there. But if anyone sees a blue dongle on a keyring that is a goldfish in a water bubble can they let me know, it might be stuck in a drawer with your odd socks.

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