Tuesday, 6 August 2013

crossing times

It's always interesting as a writer to explore things that would not normally occur. Even the most mundane can bring about more thought provoking ideas

4th Oct 2011
Hi GeeGee
            Just time to drop you a quick letter before I head off to Uni. Mom and Dad are insisting on coming along to halls even though I could have got all my stuff in the Corsa. But then as they are straight back on the plane to Australia, I can’t complain. I bet Mom will cry and Dad will hug me to death and not want to let me go!
Mom has even made me loads of frozen meals ‘just in case.’
Speak soon
Oodles of love
Becca  xx

                                                                                       18th of October Nineteen Hundred
Dearest Rebecca,
How are you? Are your mother and father well? I am feeling the damp a little on my chest and Great Grandpapa has purchased an elixir from the apothecary along with some remedy mix that I shall have in a vapour bath this evening after supper.
I do think it rather unusual that as a young lady, you will not be having a debutante ball as we did at your age. How will your parents find a suitable young man for you to marry?
            Are you sure that you are fitting for the University life? I know your dear brother has done well but darling, you are a lady and it may be frowned upon if you are a little, well, how shall we say, flighty.

With dearest love

Great Grandma Rebecca Shields

24th Oct, 2011
Gee Gee!
You do make me laugh! Times have moved on and I’ve found a great guy here at university, his name is Tim and we are going bowling tonight and then for a curry with the guys. Next year we will probably house share with Melissa and her boyfriend James.
 Campus life is great. There is plenty to do so I don’t feel too home sick. Lots of bands playing and parties as well as cheap cider in the student bar, but please don’t tell Dad as he’ll go mental! He’ll hide his whiskey when I’m home for half term, lol.
Love and hugs

                                                                                 1st of November Nineteen Hundred
Dearest Rebecca,
My dear child,
With much thought for your welfare and safety and in the absence of your father, I feel that you ought to leave this University at once. It is not becoming of a young lady of society to be sharing japes with young men unchaperoned, one never knows what scandal will ensue. It is forbidden for you to even think of sharing a house with such flighty young ladies who are obviously leading you astray and forcing you to drink alcohol, which is what I assume this ‘cider’ is. You have brought on a fit of the vapours, from which I am now recovering. You must be strong my child and return home to your parents forthwith.

With dearest love

Great Grandma Rebecca Shields

18th Nov 2011
Dear Mom,
            Greetings from across the pond. I hope you are well? Becca has called me in tears and as you refused to own the ‘new fangled contraption’ called a telephone, I have had to resort to putting pen to paper.
            Please do not encourage Becca to leave University. She has worked hard to get her place there and does seem to be enjoying it. Yes I know she has a boyfriend and that she drinks alcohol but she is sensible so will be fine.
            Your loving son


Alison Edwards November 2011

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