Thursday, 9 April 2015

NaPoWriMo..on catch up!

I've missed doing this for a few years but as I realised only a few days late I thought I would add it to my overloaded life and catch up in chunks!

Some poems may be whimsical, others serious. Some may follow a set pattern, others in my usual random style....lets see what happens. But each will have a relevance to my day.


Lirpa Loof is released
to raid the brains of waffle and warp
before the clock strikes twelve
and the carriage deminishes into pumkin mush
beriddled with mice crawling and feasting
leaving you questioning the sanity of man


Late on line launch party
makes for weary eyes and brain
as Agnil and the Centaur's Secret
strides boldly up to Amazon
resplendent with my illustrations

and takes a bow
amongst peers.

Joining the throng to stand
head and shoulders above.


A down day from sad news.

                                        A death.
Too soon.
Too early.

A man I was yet to know truly.
Suffered fools never.
Held friends dear, has passed.
Too shocked.
Too stunned.


Three million!!!!! I have won three million!!
How will I spend it?
A car or two or three?
A house with indoor pool and a library full of books?
A propery abroad maybe?
A party for friends, a round the world trip?

So Grace Patel in South Africa,
your direct line is in my phone
Johannesburg I'm coming
for my Three Million pounds
I'm no fool, it's for real.


He rose on Easter Sunday so it's said,
not a chocolate egg in sight.
No gorging in E numbers to the supermarlets delight
on this very day.

I rose on Sunday to make tea.
To let the dog out for release.
A bright blue day.
No man rising.

No egg for me.


To stretch and relax,
fourth lie-in in a row.
Dog pawing hand,
waiting to wee
I pad downstairs:
make tea.

Ponder what the day will bring. 
Rescue a bee.
First cut of the grass.
Enjoy the warmth of the sun.
Stop being a busy bee and breathe.

Enjoy what life has given,
relish the air, the sun, the day.
Do chores but enjoy
Be me.
Be thankful. 

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