Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Almost up to date!


Shall I compare thee to a mobile App,
select your QR code
download your data
to see if meeting you would be sweeter?

Swipe left, swipe right
onto the next
no words spoken,
was it the eyes or the legs?

Two months now we’ve been mobile dating
Whatsapp, text, messenger relating.
with emoticons we bare our soul
not a spoken word or a hint of meeting


I’m still pondering performance words
entertaining the masses: well a select few.
It’s an art, exploration not a potential installation,
it’s something pure,
but, not necessarily clean.
The language flies
Some f-ing and c-ing here and there
spat out loud in boastful manner

[I don’t mind but I’m not keen]

Is it possible to keep it clean
to express life in the raw
without expletives spouting forth?
Can it be done with tone alone
expressing anger, passion,
death in its throws?

A pause. Deep breath. A scream.
As effective as the f-ing c?


The feeling of satisfaction as the boiler is switched off,
calculating early savings.
“ It was at least another month, this time last year,” said Bert,
hitching up his trousers,
“I remember we had that frost
before yer mother was back from Skeggy.
Do you remember our Nellie?”

Nellie rocks in her chair,
specs balanced on nose.
Knit one, pearl one, clickety clack
the jumper slowly grows.
“Aye Bert it was but fetch in the coal,
it’ll be chilly now the radiators cold.”
Knit one, pearl one, “oh bother”
a dropped stitch runs into a ladder.
Bert shuffles through the kitchen to do as he’s bid.


Can a look be love
That first flutter of sweetness
Or just a little itch?

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