Thursday, 17 October 2013

Birds? Two legs, a beak and wings?

So I'm in Norfolk. Relaxing, writing (?) and taking photos....
Taken some lovely moody cloud shots: some fab reflections in water and jostled with the horizon and lost on a few occasions: thank heavens for Photoshop.
Then there are the birds.... For which you seriously do need a better lens than mine. Also a little knowledge wouldn't go amiss. The standard seagull: tick. The wagtail: tick. The big white one with brown wings and yellow beak... Is he related to the all white thing with an orange beak or the black and white thing with the red beak? Hmmm
Oh hang on... Brown ones.. Brown ones with long legs, with webbed feet, fat ones, taller slim ones. Squeaky ones, cawcaw ones and cah cah divebomb type ones?
Sigh. Think I'll stick to beach huts.

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